logoOur Service and Suppply organization was established in 1965 in New Florence, MO where our New Florence location is at today. A year later Bellflower branch was added in 1986, followed by Vandalia in 1987, Bowling Green in 1996, most recently Jonesburg and Rhieland have been added in 2013.


Service and Supply Cooperative is owned by local people who are patrons of Service and Supply. The patrons meet at least once a year and elect a seven-member board of directors to represent the legal framwork of Service and Supply. The board of directors are primarily concerned with philosophy and objectives of the actual company while the general manager who is appointed by the board of directors, to run the day to day operations. The general manager is primarily concerned with formulating plans of action to carry out the intentions of the board of directors to best comidate the patrons of Service and Supply. The general manager is also accountable to the board and initiates action within the boundaries of authority granted by the board.

We currently have six locations that are overseen by one general manager and 4 branch manager.


Why are cooperatives organized?

• Strengthen bargaining power
• Maintain access to competitive markets
• Capitalize on new market opportunities
• Obtain needed products and services on a competitive basis
• Improve income opportunities
• Reduce costs
• Manage risk