Since 1978, Raven Applied Technology has helped create, define and redefine precision agriculture.Raven is an innovative technology company that develops, markets, and produces technical solutions to great challenges. Raven provides electronic Global Positioning System (GPS) products and information management tools designed to reduce operating costs and improve yields for the global agriculture market. From field computers to planter and sprayer controls, and from GPS guidance steering systems to wireless technology.

Raven continues today to bring revolutionary new products to growers around the world. The purpose? To put growers in control. To work smarter, reduce input costs and farm more efficiently. And ultimately, to increase yield and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less and getting more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.

Raven and GPS

Raven’s new, simple-to-install mechanical drive steering system harnesses the newest technologies to keep you on track and on line all day long. You’ll benefit from added torque for faster operating speeds, increased accuracy and reduced noise. Transfer SmarTrax MD between multiple tractors, including combines, windrowers and more.

SmarTrax MD is also the recipient of an AE50 award celebrating product innovations in agriculture, food, and biological systems.

Cruizer II™  & Cruizer II™ RTK let you add all the benefits of an easy-to-use precision guidance system and more to your operation, without pushing your budget off course. Because we removed two of the biggest obstacles—complexity and high cost. Cruizer II  & Cruizer II RTK also make it simple for you to grow with more power and capability when you’re ready for auto-steering and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls.