When soil conditions are ready for planting Seedbed preparation sets the stage for optimal growth and development throughout the growing season and ultimately has a major impact on yield potential.

Monsanto RR1 soybean seed patent expiration The last U.S. patent covering the original Roundup Ready soybean trait expires in 2015.

Winter Wheat Stand Evaluation Technical Bulletin The last U.S. patent covering the original Roundup Ready soybean trait expires in 2015.

Planting corn in cold weather Should you be concerned about the health of your newly planted and, in a few cases, newly emerged crops?

Verticle Tillage Tools The What, How and Why or Tillage for No Tillers.

Break down and effect of applying Nitrogen on stalks  Myths and Facts about Residue Breakdown.

Uneven corn plant emergence Why does uneven emergence sometimes happen within the same field?

Why planting beans early pays Plants reach V1 earlier in the season resulting in earlier flowering date (R1 growth stage) and potentially a longer growing season.

Soybean seeding recommandations Trials have shown that soybean plants have a tremendous ability to compensate for a wide range of planting populations.

Wheat scouting April 18th The flag leaf is about 1 week away from emergence if we get normal heat units.

Planting depth matters The most common mistake at this point in the season is planting too shallow.

Managing corn plant's nitrogen needs Corn plants may change the way growers think about N management practices.

6 tips for corn before V6 Corn seedlings are most vulnerable and susceptible to damage from planting through the V6 growth stage.

Acuron new corn chemical for 2015 from syngenta Syngenta has announced the name of its newest weed control technology in corn.

Soybeans can overcome thinner stands Despite months of planning, and careful planting, soybean growers often face replant decisions.

Controlling large weeds in soybeans larger troublesome weeds in soybeans?

Variable Rate continues strong growth nation wide Growth and prosperity in the general ag economy.

Early season soybean replant decisions The decision to replant an area or entire field is necessitated due to saturated soils, ponding, hail, frost and disease incidence.

Waterhemp control Waterhemp just like Palmer amaranth is a weed species that must be thoughtfully and carefully managed.

DON or vomitoxin in wheat It is important to be aware of the impacts of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol, also known as DON or vomitoxin.

Multi hybrid planter Based on early successes with the multi-hybrid planter, Kinze is putting the model into limited production for the spring 2015.

Hand weeding fields For farmers seeing weeds in their crop fields this late in the growing season, hand-rouging and pulling them by hand may be the best way to remove them.

Cover crop guide Farmers interested in planting cover crop now have a guide avalible. 

Wheat seed with Scab that will be used for planting Lots with high levels of scab may have lower germination rates.

214bu per acre soybean yields Soybean research trials conducted by members of the Stoller Enterprises research and product development team have produced a 214.7 bushel-per-acre yield. 

Green Soybeans in mature fields Green stem syndrome describes any fields where the soybean stems are still green and the pods are mature.

Covers and Weeds University of Missouri weed science extension.

Raising corn yields by 28% A recent study from the Illinois Crop Physiology Laboratory, led by Fred Below.

Starter fertilization Starter fertilizer can be used to complement pre-plant fertilization of crops to increase yield and economic returns to production.

Never let Waterhemp emerge Over-lapping residuals of Authority + Anthem in soybeans; and SOLSTICE in corn.

Early Season Soybean Injury and Crop Yield Last year, we had more soybean injury from pre-emergence herbicides than we have ever seen.

Negative Returns on Cash Rents 2015 cash rents have decreased between $20 and $25 per acre from 2014 levels.

Correct way to spray Liberty beans Growers who choose seeds with the LibertyLink® trait get a powerful built-in tolerance to Liberty® herbicide.

Replant worksheet Estimating Yield and Dollar Returns from Corn Replanting.

Maturities and Planting corn and soybeans Suggested Maturities for Normal, Late and Replanted Corn and Soybeans in the Midwest.

Evaluating soybean stands Tools For Assessing Populations And Making Decisions. 

Mainero MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head - Amazingly Simple, Simply Amazing.

Weed pressure on beans results Early-season weed control is one of the most effective ways to help maximize yield potential.

Dont kill your crops with sloppy mantaince  When it comes to your crops and sprayers, very small amounts of chemical residues can cause big problems.

Easy form to tell our congressman we need ethanol EPA proposes to cut the Renewable Fuels Standard and reduce the volume of corn ethanol. 

High returns with weed resistance Controlling weed resistance depends on the joint actions of farmers and their neighbors.

Controlling weeds for next years beans Prevented planting acreage will probably mean high weed pressure in 2016.

Weed control in 2016 Nobody in the Corn Belt wants a repeat of the 2015 weed wars.

Are you selling to Bunge? A ship carrying corn was scheduled to leave Brazil for the United States.

Reduced yeilds  Cutting corners on inputs can actually prove more costly if it leads to yield reductions.

Cost per acre Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Considerations for weed management in 2016 Cost of lack of residual weed control.

Crop Residue Breakdown Crop residue can build up on the field surface to such an extent that it's hard to handle.

Maximizing Efficacy What effect the time of day of application can have on glufosinate.

NK beans on Rodgers farm This spring, the region faced extreme moisture, raising many concerns.

Why use overlapping residual chemicals overlapping is important.

Multi-Hybrid Higher corn yields with new precision ag dual hybrid planting.

New Chemical Technology The thought of protecting these new technologies is of the utmost interest to those of us who make herbicide recommendations for a living.

Thinking data first Choosing the hybrid types that to be placed in the most productive places is important.

Early Season Soybean Injury There are already some calls and samples that have started to come in with these issues.

Stunded corn following prevented planting The answer commonly given to explain the poorer growth behind prevented planting has been the effect of what is known as Fallow Syndrome.